Our Facility, Technology and CNC Capabilities

At Pac West we practice a true just-in-time program for material procurement that allows for low inventories and minimizes waste, keeping all available space dedicated to current production demands. We have invested heavily in technology by implementing numerous software programs and linking them all seamlessly together to create a smooth flow of information throughout the production process.

For casework, all machining is done on our CNC machines. Adding to our competitive advantage is a redundant panel processing system. We can either process our casework via CNC Beam Saw and CNC Point to Point Machining or with our nested based CNC flat table machining center. Both systems can be used to produce the same quality product but being able to choose between them has allowed us to optimize for efficiency based on the requirements of the project as well as have a backup production system when machines are being serviced.

Our primary method of joinery for casework is dowel construction, which is accomplished through CAD programming and outputting to our CNC machining centers and our HPJ horizontal dowel drilling, gluing and insertion machine. Dowel construction is the best method for casework in most instances; however, at Pacific Western Millworks, we pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of all construction methods required for implementation when applicable.

After all the processing has taken place, the final step is assembly. We utilize our automated case clamp during assembly for producing a perfectly square box carcass for all of our case goods and drawer boxes, ensuring the best possible operation of all components.

Pacific Western Millworks is a Leader in Architectural Millwork.

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